Every September my little niece and I start the years Halloween costume process.  I thought like many little girls, Ciara would have dreams of being a Princess.  I was half right.  She did want to be Princess, Princess Fiona to be exact however I was told “not the pretty Fiona Aunt Darcee, but the Ogre Fiona. This was so funny to me because my niece was very slight and was obsessed with a big green ogre and related so deeply to his love Ogre Fiona.  She quickly ran and got her Ogre Fiona stuffed doll, which was about her size, her father won for her at a summer carnival.  She asked me to please make her costume to be exactly like her doll complete with the dark green velvet dress verses any of the other pretty gowns worn by the other Fiona.

I of course can never say no to her so of course I set out to make her dream costume .  Here was my biggest challenge.

  1. My niece is just a tiny little thing and a skinny Ogre Fiona just wouldn’t do .
  2.  Never would there be a pattern for such a challenge.   I was completely on my own with this one. I usually am.

I needed to have her green gown have as much detail as the one in the movie, so I realized I had to make another body to go under the dress that she could wear like a slip or body suit.  I started out making a foam bodice without arms.  Kind of like a ski vest.  Now for the very prominent signature Ogre butt.

I took some more foam and connected the sides with a back seam like a large skirt which I would then sew with fishing line and an upholstery needle onto the top.  But before I joined the two pieces, I sewed in fairly deep darts in the back of the foam skirt part. Thus the famous  Ms. Ogre Fiona’s Butt was shaped and I have to say, shaped perfectly.

Since my niece was so slight ( 20-21 lbs), I made legs out of the foam and Ogre lime green body fabric I used in the dress.  She could slip them on as if they were riding boots. The sleeves of the dress were lined with heavy batting .  To be sure all body parts were in scale to Ogre Fiona, I soft sculpted & stuffed with fiber fill, a full bust complete with cleavage to add to the humor of the costume.  I’m honestly not sure which feature received more laughs from the audience & judges….Fiona’s bust or butt. My sister and almost chocked holding back our laughter as we walked behind her seeing that butt .  Remember, Ogre Fiona was the object of Ciara’s love and admiration. Laughter from her mother and aunt would not have been a good thing.

Also, since her costume was pretty much a free standing piece of foam, making her runway walk hysterical and that similar to that of a life sized windup toy.

The other very amusing aspect of this costume was hearing little voices from the stores that were giving out candy…..FIONA..I LOVE YOU.   All throughout the trick or treating time, so many little kids would run up to her and hug & hug her as if they were enjoying seeing their favorite character at Magic Kingdom for example. It didn’t matter at all Fiona was as little as they were. My niece was enjoying all the attention to be sure.

As you can see by one of the pictures, Ogre Fiona won 1st. prize for the annual Halloween contest at their local mall, but the next event was for me the funniest of the entire day.

My sister of course being the proud mother of the 1St. place winner called several of her friends afterwards to tell them the good news.  One of her friends in particular summed up how I obviously achieved the goal of creating the perfect Ogre Fiona.  Her friend went on to say “ I can’t believe I missed her.   When I left, there was only this chubby little girl getting a trophy.  Obviously that wasn’t the 1st. place winner Ciara.”

When you see the pictures of the Before & After, you’ll understand just how funny this comment was..