Me and my boyfriend love Disney (one of the places we fell in love was Disneyland), so we decided to be something Disney related this year for Halloween. I also have been wanting to be a mermaid for Halloween the past few years, so this worked out perfectly. I was pushing for him to be Prince Eric (Little Mermaid’s husband), but he disliked his character and preferred Sebastian’s character over his.

We both hand-made our own costumes (except our bottoms and his t-shirt) and cost very minimal to make. For the Little Mermaid, I used a beige strapless bra that I already had at home. The only things that I bought were purple and beige beads, which cost only two or three dollars on amazon and also bought a foam seashell bra, which I easily found through a google search and cost around ten dollars. The seashell bra comes in a beige color, so I colored the seashall bra with a purple pencil. Neither me or my boyfriend knew how to sew, so I used hot glue to stick the foam seashell bra onto the beige bra. I was actually surprised that it stayed on and it still is in tact as of today. Afterwards, I again used hot glue to paste on the beads one by one, which was a very tedious process. Making the bra took me longer than three hours to put together, but it was well worth it in the end. Girls kept asking me where I bought my costume and were shocked to find out that I made the bra myself.