This scary homemade costume is a few years in the making getting better every year. First we went shopping and went to flee markets, garage sales and thrift stores to find the old school hockey mask , shoulder pads, knee pads and old clothes. Next we hit the Halloween stores and didn’t know what I was looking for but once we got there it came together, the spikes were a punk rock bracelet, found some skull knee pads for the shoulder pads, found sickles and evil looking axes, some scary gloves and chains too.

Next went crazy with flat black spray paint on all the pads and dusting the clothes for a dirty look, then I got a silver paint marker and painted my finger to smear it around to make it look like old metal. I just happened to find this paint to cover chrome the red looks like blood better then fake blood  it dries and does not get on everything you don’t want it on.

Next glued everything together, still haven’t found the best glue, things pop off every now and then.  I got my skull foam latex mask and after one year it started to fall apart so after latex caulk, airbrush paint, and a lot of hard work it’s held up great. I had an old biker jacket and a jean jacket that I cut up that went well with the look.

Next I own a tree service so I have a few chainsaws to chose from. I took the chain off and after a few years of use I used a smaller one that I rigged to look like I had  no hand, just a chainsaw. I have a good time every year walking the kids around “trick or treatin” scaring kids and adults too. I try not to scare the little ones but making grown men scream is the best part. I have never gone to any costume contests but maybe some day people tell me to every year, this will be the first one.