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Coolest Homemade Bulb Costume 3

by Rabia B
(Hyderabad, AP, India)

Coolest Homemade Bulb Costume

Coolest Homemade Bulb Costume

Coolest Homemade Bulb Costume
Coolest Homemade Bulb Costume

My daughter had a fancy dress competition and the theme was "innovative idea". So my mind started working. I wanted to build something extra ordinary and something that was not done before. I thought about BULB as I can also make it functional by giving a light torch in my daughter's hand which she can switch on and off to make it work.

I had to make the shape by using wires. I made the varying diameters of circles horizontaly and then attach the longer vertical lines I needed to weld it together to make it hold in place. Then I stitched a cover for it by using net cloth so that my baby can breath inside. For the holder, I used thermacol and made the shape and cover it with a black wrinkled cloth.

So the structure of the buld was ready , now I had to design the cloth that she would wear. I chose metallic silver colour shirt and legging. I wrote 1000 watts Anam bulb ( as Anam is her name ) and also made filament on the headband. it looked cool and it recieved a lot of applause.

To top it up,my husband wrote a small poem which she can recite on stage. It goes like this:

Switch me ON, Switch me OFF ( here she switches the torch)
I spread light to all across.
Uncle Edison invented me,
In the dark we all can see.

Hope you like my Homemade Bulb Costume.

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Bright Idea
by: Priya

you are really creative . It is awesome.

Really innovative
by: Atif Mohammed

Really innovative, Rabia. The short poem is pretty cool!!!

good work Rabia
by: ranjana

awesome job by superb mom

by: Raqshan

I am sure this was the best in class! Good thinking baby :)

You wanted me to comment..!
by: Nashra Maheen

To Dadadaa/Rabia,

This is very good and surely it would have been the best out of the rest, Dadadaa!!! Really well done and good work and surely this would mean some well done to Atif Uncle, Anam and all who helped out!

If I ever have to come in a fancy- dress, then I know that I have to come to the expert!!!

The idea was actually very creative and innovative and these kind of projects really basically just need the skill to use what materials you have and put it together and make the best of it and that really shows in your bulb costume.

Anam should have been very proud of you and hopefully very happy with the final outcome!!

And whats more, you even came up with the idea of making it work by using the torch!!!...ON OFF ON OFF!!!

Also, by starting to make the base shape or the frame, it shows that you are thinking carefully about how this would work out instead of going straight into it because if you did then obviously it would just flop and break down as there is nothing to support it.

I also liked the idea of using the net cloth instead of just a cloth because of breathing problems. This is good because you are then thinking of the look as well as the wearer's safety and comfort. So, there is a balance between the two.

The inner clothes that she would wear were also important so it had to be something that goes with it and the silver mettalic- look shirt and leggings that you chose worked perfectly with the rest of the costume thus co- ordinating.

Of course the filament is also the key part of it so without that it would look more like a hot air balloon so again well thought of!!!!

Finally, the poem adds even more to the effect on the people watching it so well done to Atif Uncle and...



The final outcome looks gr8 and I bet it will look even better with the torch light on inside...maybe you should become a costume designer...?!

With lots of love,


by: Zehra

Wow...both bulb and poem are very cool and creative...mashallah Anam has grown up so much, nice to c her after a long time :)

Soooo awesome!
by: Sammy K

You are so talented RB! This Anam bulb is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I'm going to steal this idea for a halloween costume when my kids are older. Like the poem too!

Best mommy
by: Suman


This is sooo you. :) Such attention to detail. I'm sure other moms are going to copy the idea including me ;)
Last Halloween I saw a kid dressed as a Rubik's cude and that I thought that was a great idea too. May be you will try it next time.


very cool
by: AR

What a great idea, and a great end result

by: Sroor

Rabia, that is one awesome idea! Very very creative and unique. I am trying to envision the complicated process of making it. You did an excellent job of the final presentation. Looks exactly like a bulb. I love Atif's little poem too. Did she win? Was it a competition?

Great Comments, thnx
by: Rabia

O wow, I had not seen so many comments ....
Thanks everyone
@ Nash : that was such a short comment sweetness !!! and u did not mention how much I paid you to comment :P .
@ SammyK : I'm sure Cyra gets to wear more innovative costumes than this.
@SroorQ : Yes it was a competition and nooo, she did not win :(((((

Wonderful Creativity
by: faiz

Your perspective of thinking is revealed from your work, wonderful creativity in this costume designing!!

What an IDEA!
by: Madhavi

This is not only a lighting but a Living, moving, talking, crying, laughing etc Bulb.

Your BUlby idea is Rocking!!

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Coolest Homemade Light Bulb and Switch Couple Costume 2

by Teya and Victoria M.
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Homemade Light Bulb and Switch Couple Costume

Homemade Light Bulb and Switch Couple Costume

This Homemade Light Bulb and Switch Couple Costume was a bright idea for a Halloween couple costume!

One of us was a light bulb and the other was a light switch. The light bulb was made of chicken wire, with tracing paper and adhesive glue. On the outside we put yellow tissue paper. To get the shape of the bulb, we put a huge beach ball inside and used it as the 'molding' for the bulb. Inside, Victoria had to carry the light bulb with straps over her shoulders and a fifteen million watts flashlight.

The light switch is made of foam-core. The screws on the outside are paper plates with silver marker down the middle. There is a silver spray-painted switch box for the back and Teya stood in between that and the front. The switch actually works.

For the last three years Teya and Victoria have been coming up with different kinds of fun and creative costumes. This year it was really hard to walk upstairs and just move around in general. But it was lots of fun though.

Comments for Coolest Homemade Light Bulb and Switch Couple Costume 2

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More info?
by: Tatiana

I'm running for Northwest District Senior Board for 4H. My slogan is "Make 4H glow, vote Tatiana O." & I plan to look exactly like Victoria in that light bulb haha.

So could I have a more detailed explanation of how to do this costume? I can't find a pre-made one ANYWHERE.

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Coolest Go-Green Light Bulb Costume

by Kathie
(Beverly Hills, CA)

Homemade Go-Green Light Bulb Costume

Homemade Go-Green Light Bulb Costume

What can be more fun than an Energy Saving Light bulb? Start your Go-Green Light Bulb Costume by donning a white shirt and pants. I used cropped pants so I could use striped socks as the part you screw in to the socket. I had to purchase a few packs of assorted long balloons to get enough white ones. They are available at a party store.

Then inflate about 16 long, white balloons, tie them end-to-end, and wrap them around you from chest to hips (use a cheap balloon pump to blow them up). I added white face paint and used silver shoes. You will become a unique, energy-saving spiral light bulb.

I won the "most creative" costume at the school where I teach.

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