I love Barbies. So this year we decided to make the life size Barbie in the Box.  My youngest daughter Liberty, insisted on being her favorite one, Princess Barbie. So it was my pleasure to try and make it happen. The best part about this adventure was the help from my whole family.  It was so awesome to see the final project.

It took weeks to get all the supplies, but once we had every thing after several trips back and  forth. I began the challenge of creating not one but 2 life size Barbie’s  in the box. My goal was to have as much details as possible so I paid close attention to all the details on the Barbie boxes in the store.  I even went online so I could do close up shots of certain things.  Our boxes even have the comb and brush zip ties to the inside, with bar-codes and warning labels.

The total cost of this project was around $25 dollars.  Supplies used: pink poster board paper, 9 sheets, tape, scissors, spray glue, stapler, staples, Barbie stickers from dollar store, crayons markers, copy paper, razor blade, LOVE, TIME and PATIENCE!!!