I have been obsessed with the movie “A Christmas Story” since I was a kid. It is a family tradition to watch it while opening presents on Christmas. I particularly love the scenes with The Leg Lamp. “Honey it says fra-GEE-lay, it must be Italian!” So I was inspired to be The Leg Lamp.

I got a bunch of nude underclothes I layed together for warmth, and a fishnet body suit. I tied the straps of the fishnet body suit behind me so it looks strapless and then tied a lace hair scarf to make it look like an old fashioned stocking. I picked up the lamp shade at a thrift store and painted it a bit and hot glued the fringe on. I also hot glued a “tap light” on the inside so it actually LIGHTS UP!! My dad helped me fit a piece of plexi-glass with foam to make it into a hat.

Hands down, the best costume I have every made. I have never ever gotten so many people asking if they could take my picture. One guy dropped his pants to show me a tattoo of The Leg Lamp he had on his inner thigh. Inappropriateness aside, it was amazing!!