My daughter, Lorali, absolutely adores LaLaLoopsy so of course, that is who she wanted to be for Halloween. At first, I though, no biggie!!! I figured all I would have to do is spray her hair pink, curl it and put a yellow plaid dress over a pink tutu. But then I started examining the doll and I became obsessed with making her costume perfect! So I went to Hobby Lobby to gather all of my supplies. (Tulle for the tutu, ribbon, etc.) Then I found this perfect yellow plaid fabric that I could make a dress out of!  Until I remembered that I have no idea how to sew.

Well, I bought the fabric, anyway, figuring that I could look it up on You Tube. They weren’t the prettiest of stitches, but the end result came out awesome. I was pretty proud of myself, Lorali loved it and so did everyone else! It was hilarious, though, because pretty much unless you have a 3-6 year old daughter; you do not know who Lala Loopsy is. So I would show people the side by side comparison of her and the actual doll. Then the reactions were that of amazement, which made me feel great! I did her hair the night before, by putting my very straight-haired daughter’s hair, twisted up with straws. (picture included). I then sprayed hairspray and had her sleep in them.

The next morning before taking the straws out to release the pin curls, I sprayed the pink spray and more afterwards, along with glitter spray! Lorali also wanted me to dress up with her, so I decided to be her pet mouse. I got paper plates and cut them out into smaller circles. Then I glued white fabric all the way around them and the yellow fabric from Lorali’s dress in a smaller circle in the middle of the ears. I then sewed a yellow bow onto the ears and sewed them both onto a white headband. I also made a pink tail, using pipe cleaners and the stuffing from an old stuffed bear. I put about ten pipe cleaners together, four of which were tied around my waist, and I sewed the tail from pink fabric then inserted the stuffing and pipe cleaner.

At the end of the night, we both loved our costumes and had a fabulous Halloween! Hope you all enjoy!