My boyfriend had been helping me through some major family drama.  Times had not been fun.  He loves Halloween, but we had not had time to plan anything due to my struggles.  Anyhow, I was determined to make it special for him, even though my budget was very small.  I used my first day off in ages to sew some left over red fabric into Red’s riding hood…the head part was way too big, but no one but me really knew that.  The rest of my costume was easy…a basket, long white socks, and a dress I already owned.

The wolf costume was a little more difficult.  I hand painted wolf markings on a brown basic mask. Glued a rubber fox mask on the bottom and painted it as well.  Unfortunately the glue didn’t stick well and he was snout-less by the end of the night.  Oops!  I cut out ears from fake fur and glued them on the mask.  Then I glued fake fur on cut-off gloves.  Leaving just a tail and claws to finish his ensemble.

The results were better then I had expected.  I hope you enjoy them too!