My sister and I made these costumes for our friends and we are very proud of them. It was a last minute thing that we kind of just threw together. I work in a costume shop at school so I sort of scavenged for the materials. We did not spend any money on this, it was all things we found.

We started by finding them turtle necks, brown for scooby and tan for scrappy. We created the collars with felt. First we measured their neck sizes then we cut strips of felt to go around their necks. Next we made the tag by cutting a square piece of gold colored felt with a little piece coming up to attach to collar. On top of that we put a small blue square and for Scooby we cut out and SD to sew on top of that. Scrappy does not have any letters on his tag, it is blank. Then we sewed all the pieces together and sewed Velcro onto the backs so that they can easily be taken on and off. Next for the ears we took some fabric that we found and we cut out triangles and we cut out smaller black triangles to put inside the ear. Then we hand stitched the bottom corners of the ears inwards to make the ears kind of bend in and curl. Then we set those aside so that we could figure out what to attach them to. We found headbands and used brown and tan pipecleaners to wrap around the headbands. Then finally we hot glued the ears onto the headbands. We had the guys wear jeans for bottoms and regular shoes. For a final touch we took black stage makeup and put in on their noses.