What a last minute costume… As I only had 5 days to get a Halloween costume together for my family. Just had my newborn baby and wanted to do something unique and special. So we had a radio flyer airplane around the house so it hit me, how about airplane pilots and stewardess.

I first begin by making the stewardess costume and then I made my pilot and the co-pilot. The stewardess costume was a brown tutu skirt, white shirt, homemade tie and had. My pilots had homemade shirts that read pilot and future pilot. I attached a piece of plywood to the wagon to put the plane on. I made the plywood black and paint white runway lines. My stewardess had a tray with peanuts and coke on it. On the end of the runway I had little box made for suitcases. It turn out so cute!

This last minute costume turns out great. I love creating unique costumes.