My husband and I were going to a hallowed party this year and we were going to have six of us dress up as a group. Two of them cancelled on us, so I needed to rethink what we could be. I looked online and there wasn’t much that I liked, so for days I racked my brain. I shot different ideas out to the rest of the group, so from there we narrowed it down. Finally, we decided on being the “Red Hot Chili Peppers Group Wordplay Costume”.

For my husband (red) I went to 15 different stores to find red pants. I guess there is a shortage on red fabric?? lol (I only found one store but I was not about to pay $50 for ugly sweatpants!!). I ended up finding some at Tjmaxx for $20 that he will wear again, and he had a red shirt. I bought packs of big red gum and used Velcro to stick them on his shirt  (so I wouldn’t ruin it) .

Then for me (hot), I found a sexy see through red shirt and matching red and black bra. I paired it with black shorts and some heels. Then I found devil ears at the store, and sprayed red highlights in my hair. My sister (chili) found a white and ice blue dress and then I pinned sparkly snowflakes onto her dress with safety pins followed by more snow flakes on some white wings and she paired it with black boots.

My brother-in-law wore jeans and a black shirt and my sister cut out sticky foam to make them look like different peppers. We had a lot of fun. It was neat to see everybody try to guess what we were and everyone seemed to love it!