This is my last minute women’s Harvey Dent/ Two Face costume.

The hair was the easy part, I have asymmetric hair and so I pinned the shorter side into a quiff and kept it pinned down. The other side was sprayed with grey colour spray and left in its natural curly and unruly state.

The shirt was an old black work shirt which was painted on one half with white spray paint and burnt with a blow torch in order to reveal the skin/ makeup on my arms and neck and give the singed/burnt look.

The face, neck and limbs where made up using liquid latex and tissue paper, followed by acrylic face paints (red, black, purple, grey) and red liquid latex dripped on top to give the appearance of weeping wounds on the face.

I wore an old pair of pin stripped shorts and tore on leg off of a pair of black tights. I laddered one side of the tights and put holes in them to again reveal skin and latex wounds.

Finally a pair of brogues were worn to complete the suit look.

This took around 3 hours from start to finish, including clothing prep. This was for a last minute invite to a fancy dress Halloween party. Unfortunately I was not told that it was actually a children’s party and needless to say they were all terrified of me.

I hope you like it.