What initially sparked my interest was the red haired wig. I’m a blonde through and through but I always like to take Halloween as a chance to be completely different than my normal day to day self. I researched “red haired costumes” and I wanted a feminine costume that also could be converted to be appropriate for work, so the skimpy Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” was out of the question. I came across Uma Thurman as the villain Poison Ivy from the Batman movies. I did a little more searching around the craft store and found a string of fake leaves that came pretty close to “leaves of 3″ poison ivy. I also picked up some green face paint.

That’s it!

I had a green dress at home as well as black boots (brown works as well) and I wrapped the string of leaves around my neck like a boa. I added the green face paint on my eyelids in a leaf form and used gold eyeliner to trace it as well as black liner to make my eyes pop more. I also used bronzer and brown shimmer to make me look not so pale! I plucked a group of 2 leaves and added them with a bobby pin to the one side of my wig.

SIDE NOTE: cheap wigs usually come bent out of shape so I used my straightener at a lower setting of about 250-300 degrees and straightened. Just be careful because this will cause fly aways but if you brush it out after they will go away.