My little boy absolutely loves Pixar’s movie Up! So, when Halloween rolled around I couldn’t think of a better costume for him. This was probably the easiest and cheapest costume I have ever made because we used mostly things that were lying around my house.

When it came to his outfit we used a simple white shirt, suspenders, 3-D movie glasses that had the lenses popped out, and plain tan pants. Since he is so young I wasn’t sure if he would carry a cane around all night but I went ahead and purchased a cheap one at Walmart and he LOVED IT, he even knew to arch his back and walk slow just like an old man, haha!

I knew he needed a house to “carry” but wasn’t sure how I was going to make one, so I simply Googled a picture of Mr. Fredrickson’s home and got crafty with my crayolas and scissors trying to make my poster board look like a house. Lastly I tied some balloons to his house and he was ready to go! He looked DARN cute too! Mostly everyone at the community trunk-or-treat knew who he was except one man thought he was Drew Carey- LOL.