Last year Halloween was VERY wet and VERY cold. I almost didn’t take my son trick-or-treating because it was so miserable outside. However, the munchkin was dying to go and I had to find something quick that would keep me warm. I dug around in my closet (I LOVE clothes and have a ton of vintage pieces) and came up with Mary Poppins!

Walking around everyone LOVED the costume. I think it is always a win when you dress up and everyone knows who you are supposed to be. Best of all? I was warm and the umbrella kept us dry!

Absolute best part? This outfit cost me $0.

Run down on the various pieces of the outfit:

  • Skirt – Had in closet
  • Vintage coat – Had in closet
  • White shirt – Had in closet
  • Red cumberbun – wrapped some red tights around my waist
  • Tights – had in closet
  • Shoes – had in closet
  • Bow tie – It’s actually crepe paper!
  • Hat – A black vintage hat and I added some flowers from my garden outside
  • Gloves – had in closet
  • Bag – had in closet
  • Umbrella – part of my vintage umbrella collection