This is Ms. Audrey Lee. Her “bunch -o -grapes” costume was created simply (and afford -ably) with green balloons, a bit of artificial/plastic greenery, and safety pins! It was a last-minute easy grapes Halloween costume.

I dressed her in a black leotard, and dark brown/black denim jeans. Myself and my two sons inflated appx. 40 green balloons (different sizes). I pulled her hair back, and using hair ties and bobby pins -attached pieces of an artificial “leafy” plant (I had on a shelf in our living room).

Just before leaving the house for Halloween festivities, I attached the balloons all over her (top and bottom -front and back) via safety pins. The more balloons, the better the final look! Looking back, I would have changed the leotard color to closer match the color of our “grapes” instead of the black!

I also found that one balloon per pin allowed far more space between the grapes vs. attaching two balloons per one pin. (Using two balloons to one pin offered a bettered final result).

We also attended a Halloween function in which we had to drive to arrive there -and obviously she could not sit in her costume ..Soooo ..again, we prepared the balloons in advance, and loaded them into the back of our van. I got her completely ready (hair and greenery) with the exception of her balloons, and I pinned them on just outside of our car upon arriving at our event -it took about 5 minutes! After photos and the like, I simple remove/d one of the balloons from her backside, and proceeded to use that pin to puncture and deflate all those balloons on her back side, so that she was able to sit comfortably -but was still “in costume” from the front -view.

Simple, affordable, easy!