This Halloween I wanted to stray from the typical sexy/cutsie costumes that are generally advertised for women.  I wanted something a little more edgy and outgoing.  I opted for the jigsaw character from The Saw movies. The idea to transform myself into this character was a pretty easy task. I needed something that would be an easy DIY that wouldn’t take up much of my time, considering I’m a full time senior in college with a very hectic schedule.

For the main tuxedo part I started with a black blazer, black leggings, and black high-top converse, which I already previously owned and came right out of my closet. I tried to keep my costume at a minimum budget. Hello I’m a broke college student duh!! So I shopped around at thrift stores for the additional accessories I needed that included a white collared shirt, a red bowtie, white gloves, a mask, and a tricycle

I was able to find a white collared shirt with beautiful lace trimmings in the front at Goodwill for $3.99. I loved how the lace feminized the outfit. Other than the shirt I had no luck with the rest of the accessories at the thrift stores, but I found out that if you go to certain Halloween stores THE DAY OF HALLOWEEN they have most of their merchandise at a discount price so that they are able to sell. I found the red bowtie for $1.50 and white cotton gloves for $2 at Party City at a discounted price. I had no luck with the mask though. I have an artistic background so I figured I could make my own by simply painting my face and teasing my hair. I chose to use acrylic paints for the face paint rather than using the washed down, store bought face paint because the acrylic colors would be much more vibrant and longer lasting.  I bought three tubes of acrylic paint in the required colors (black, red, white) for $1 each at Wal-Mart.

The most important part of the costume to me was having the infamous red tricycle that the jigsaw rides around in. I found an old rusted bike my 4-year-old niece had already outgrown and thrown out. I simply bought a can of red spray paint for $3 at Michaels Arts and Craft Store and coated the main frame of the bike.

Putting the costume together was the best part because the completed look came out scary good.  I was complemented all night and frequently stopped by fellow trick-or-treaters and asked to take pictures with them. I was also recognized at our city annual Halloween bash for most creative/original costume.

This DIY costume was fun, easy and very well worth the hour of brushing out my teased hair afterward and not to mention the bruises left from the teeny tiny seat on the tricycle haha.

Oh and before I forget! The total cost of this DIY costume?? Only $14!!!!