This costume was put together in 48 hours and didn’t cost much at all!

When I was told we had a last minute Halloween party 2 days before I decided to look in our closet for inspiration.  I had the teal Mexican style dress already and some red ankle cowboy boots.  My husband owned cowboy boots, black jacket, shirt and of course jeans.  I thought…..BANDIDO (Mexican Bandit/outlaw) and add the Day of the Dead look to it.  I also have professional theater makeup that I bought a couple years ago and keep it sealed so I can use it year after year.

So I went out and bought the following to finish the outfit.

From Walmart:  Red Bandana $1.00, Halloween Headband that had black toulle on it $5.00, Red scarf  $3.00 (I almost died when I found this because it had the little balls on the end and look very Mexican to me) and Basic Sombrero $8.00.

From JoAnne Fabric – Silver trim to enhance the underside of the Sombrero $4.00, Fake Flowers for my headband $10.00 (there was a 50% off fall sale)

From Value Village – Bullet Belt – $5.00

From Micheals Crafts – Felt yellow flower on clip $.99 cents, oversized red/yellow/teal flowers on clips for my husbands boutonniere $.99 cents each.

From Party City – Guys Skeleton Gloves – $5.00.  Girls Fingerless/elbow length skeleton Gloves – $7.00

I got out the glue gun and went to town.  Creating my headband, the boutonniere and enhancing the underside of the sombrero.  I owned the jewels already to bring in a little bling to the flowers and sombrero.  You can buy those at the craft store as well.

I googled inspiration for the face makeup and it only took about an hour for me to do mine.  I found a simple design for my husbands and he did a great job.  But if it’s overwelming to do your own makeup there are temporary face tattoos you can buy for Day of the Dead or masks.

I was so happy how it all came together!!!  We walked into the party and people were in awe and taking pictures of us all night.

Honestly it’s not that hard.  Just look in your closet.