Before I get into how I made the pieces of the Kratos costume, I will start with saying it took about 4 hours to get the body paint done. Most of which I spent with my arms in the air so the paint did not stick together. Everyone thought it was funny and I had to drink beer through a straw while getting the paint done. The paint was a mixture of Pros-aide and acrylic paint purchased from the craft store. The paint then had to be set with a transparent powder. The person who did the paint, this was the first time she had ever done body paint.

The first piece of the costume I made was the kilt. When I found the fabris it was one of those things where you get lucky and find the perfect thing on the clearance rack. I used gold fabric paint to do the greek patterns. The belt was a textured vinyl that I used some brown spray paint and gold fabric paint to do the patterns on it. I attached the belt to the kilt with some fabric glue. The tassles were the same brown vinyl as the belt cut into strips and I painted the gold circles on them.

The blades were originally gray color. I painted the gold blade edges and red trim.

The forearm wraps are regular hand wraps for boxing and the leg wraps are tube socks cut off and both were spray painted brown.

The chains are real and were painted with a textured outdoor paint to give it the aged look.

The sandals were some cheap roman ones I found that the local costume shop.

Overall the costume came out way better than I was expecting. I have about $230 invested in the costume.