My daughter was only 3 months old, but I wanted to include her in my crazy tradition of weird Halloween costumes.  I’m not sure where the idea came from, but I decided to dress her as a goldfish and dress myself up as the fishbowl.

There aren’t any patterns for infant costumes, and I didn’t find anything to do with fish – so I had to make it up myself.  I started at the fabric store where I selected some good oranges and some stuffing.  Then I just started stitching it together. I had to try it on Mara several times until I got it right.  Unfortunately, for it to look right, I had to hold her on her belly.  Fortunately, she is an incredibly agreeable baby, and she didn’t complain at all.

My next challenge was to make a fishbowl.  I used hanger wire and plastic tubing and created two circles which I joined together.  I dressed myself as a castle using brown fabric, and attached the castle to the “bowl” by sewing up the bottom.  I created gravel by blowing up balloons, and that was it!

I brought my daughter to school with me, and my 5th graders loved it.