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Coolest Homemade KISS Group Costume 33

by Katrina
(Auburn, AL)

Homemade KISS Group Costume

Homemade KISS Group Costume

Everything on this Homemade KISS Group Costume was made from scratch besides the leggings and two tee-shirts.

Paul – the vest was made from faux-leather and the sewn-on sleeves were shiny stretchy leather-ish material with glitter stars. Skirt had black pleather waist band with shiny silver fabric bottom. Silver leather Stars glued on boots and bottoms are painted. What you can’t see in this pic is that there was also a tin foil covered bra showing and a spike necklace.

Ace – Shiny silver leather decorated the black tunic, along with iron-on rhinestones and glitter glued on the belt. Shoulder fins were puffed up with stuffing. Black shiny leggings had dots of glitter glued on them. Boots were painted.

Gene – Cape and leather shoulder pads were sewn onto the shirt. The spikes on the shoulder pads and belt (also Paul's necklace) are made from cardboard taped into cone shape and wrapped in aluminum foil. The boots are painted and also have painted cardboard diamonds sewn to the tops.

Peter – Skirt is made from faux-leather with a stretchy waistband and glitter ovals painted on the sides. Tee shirt had silver leather design sewn on and then covered with glitter. Belt has a silver painted cardboard cat ‘belt buckle’. The boots have silver snakes painted on them.

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Coolest KISS Costume 14

by Mike

Homemade KISS Costume

Homemade KISS Costume

I hand made this KISS costume using approx. 9 yards of vinyl, some platform boots, and a bunch of metal studs. I use Ben Nye make-up, and bought a middle priced wig that I tape on.

I have worn this costume for a couple of Halloween's, with great response from people, and have taken tons of pic's with others. I am a big KISS fan, so I enjoy doing the pic's too. The next project is making the axe bass to go with it. Once this is accomplished, I will be starting on the Destroyer era costume.

Friends go with me on Halloween, just to see reactions of some. I enjoy entering in the costume contests, and if I win is like an extra bonus. With a costume like this, it is also cool to know that nobody will probably be able to pick you out later after the event. In closing, I hope you enjoy the costume, and please give a response if possible. Thanks for your interest.

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by: jen

I just love these cool costumes !

Kiss costume
by: Sandi Moore

Can you give me any details in the way you made it? I'd like to copy it if possible for my husband to wear this year. Please send me any info you can to

great costume
by: barbr

Your costume looks fantastic. I have made many costumes for my family over the years, we love to make them as authentic and elaborate as we can. I live in a small town and a local firefighter wants me to make this costume for a Octoberfest for the town. Can you give me any info where you got your bodysuit, did you make the boots from plain platforms (and where you got them) and any hints for the construction. I am nervous since this is not family and want to do a good job for the town.

excellent costume
by: Anonymous

Where did you find the studs and how did you attach them

by: Anonymous

that is amazing!! My friends and I want to be Kiss this year for Halloween. But I don't know where to start. Thanks for showing your costume off!!

by: Anonymous

cool costume how did u make it? what fabric reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy NEAT <3

how to make costume
by: kenny

I would like to know about the material, is it vinyl? and can I get it at a fabric shop?

by: Fernanda

How did you make this?! If it's not too much to ask, with Halloween coming up I'd like to at least attempt to make something like that, it's just AMAZING! I'm in love with your costume! It would be super great if you could go a little more into detail, please.

Thank you!

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Coolest Homemade KISS Group Costumes 32

by Hannah W.
(Boston, MA)

Homemade KISS Group Costumes

Homemade KISS Group Costumes

This year my friends and I dressed up as the band KISS.

We bought lots of faux leather and silver material as well as many studs. We used a lot of super glue and hot glue. Everything on the Homemade KISS Group Costumes were made by hand including Spaceman's shoulder pads. After adding the face paint, a little hair-teasing and wigs, I think our attempt was pretty legit and we got a lot of positive reactions from the crowd.

One of my favorite bits of the costumes was on my costume: Gene Simmons. I had wings made out of black leather, connected to the side of my shirt and with black tights sewn onto the top of the wings. When I slipped the legs of the tights over my arms and spread them, I had some pretty impressive wings. I added some sparkles for a little extra touch too!

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Gene Simmons of KISS Homemade Costume 13

by Benjamin
(Perris, Ca)

Gene Simmons of  KISS  Homemade Costume

Gene Simmons of KISS Homemade Costume

With only a two weeks notice before Halloween time, my son decides to be Gene Simmons of the Rock group Kiss, which gave me a deadline to start and finish this Gene Simmons of KISS Homemade Costume, day and night untill the very last minute!

I thought, well, where do we start? the Bat wings! and lots of chrome studs! Once we got that done, there was no turning back!

Here you will see the finished costume I give you,...Gene Simmons!

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