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Coolest Gene Simmons Costume 16

by David
(McDonough, ga)

Homemade Gene Simmons Costume

Homemade Gene Simmons Costume

I have made a Gene Simmons Costume before but it was pretty weak so I tried it again with better results. I made this from bits and pieces. I did get the boots ($49.00) on EBay and used silver tape to make the teeth. I brought a bunch of studs (EBay) for about $10.00. I purchased some black tights and my wife sewed on a vinyl triangle that I outlines with studs.

I bought the spikes at a Halloween store (they are rubber and was a necklace), so I cut them into individual pieces and glued them on my wings and arm pieces which was made on a vinyl material. I brought 3 yards of that material on Ebay for about $10.00.

The best tip I can pass along is with the wig. I bought a $20 wig and it was to bushy and I put it on my son's head and cut it and shaved back the front so it was not so "Puffy" (thinned it out). When I put it on I had it sitting back about 2 inches above my hairline and used my own hair in the front. My hair line was too low and I could make my hairline resemble Genes better this way.

I had a blast and my kids were even proud of their old man.

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Very Cool
by: Anonymous

What a great costume! Bet your girls have the coolest dad around!!

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Coolest Duct Tape Kiss Costumes 17

by Angel

Homemade Duct Tape Kiss Costumes

Homemade Duct Tape Kiss Costumes

Kiss fans unite!

We used Silver and black duct tape and a whole lot of cardboard to make these Duct Tape Kiss Costumes. Black spray paint and glue. We even did platform boots, we cut off the foam heels of platform sandals and added them to pairs of boots.

In order to create Ace's outfote we twisted clear packing tape into snake like things and then covered it with silver duct tape, we then tied them onto black spray painted cardboard,. Completed it with make-up a long sleeve silvery shirt and silk pants tucked into the boots.

Genes look we rather easy, more cardboard but this time we put silver duct tape over it and use a box cutting knife to achieve a chain mail look.
Same idea with all of the cuff links. Completed with make up, we used same concept for Peter Criss and Paul Stanely.

Rock on! Most of the ideas were from different eras and took a lot of time! Wish I could of gotten more detailed pictures.

We then completed this look with a manager, who unfortunately looked like a Ninja. (My friend went trick or treating with us and was dressed as a Ninja).

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Coolest Gene Simmons of KISS Costume 15

by SGH
(Renton, WA, UWA)

Homemade  Gene Simmons of KISS Costume

Homemade Gene Simmons of KISS Costume

Here is a pic of my Gene Simmons of KISS Costume, from about the ’83-ish, Eric Carr - Creatures of the Night era, roughly. My arms and shoulders here are actual pounded and shaped 14-ga steel, not plastic or something else. I also made a Peter Criss from about the Destroyer era.

Ironically, I was never much of a KISS fan. Mostly I more appreciated the power of the IMAGE of KISS, or Gene specifically, and the freedom that can come from wearing something like that… like your average hulking, spikey clown perhaps, but in this case recognizable anywhere on the planet. I built these costumes through around ’89-91, slowly making improvements. For awhile, in the last part of my days in a Rocky Horror “cast”, I wore Gene in the aisles doing security (confiscating cigs & bottles mostly), minus the Dragon plats, naturally.

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Coolest Love Gun from KISS Costume 11

by Paul S.
(Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada)

Homemade Love Gun from KISS Costume

Homemade Love Gun from KISS Costume

This Love Gun from KISS costume is actually a couple of years old. It started very basic and as time went on became more and more authentic.

The main costume is made of fake leather with real studs and chains. The wings also are made from fake leather and studs. The tights were sewn by our lead guitarist wife as were the wings. The boots are normal boots with 2x4 platforms screwed to the soles. Over top of the shoes I molded the dragon faces using paper mache.

Once I was happy with the look the boots were covered in 2 coats of fiberglass. I then painted by hand the eyes and stuff.

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your outfit
by: Robert

Dude, your outfit looks really good!!!

by: Cindy

Great job!! I would love to ask you questions about making the suit, if you don't mind.

Nice costume
by: Anonymous

Dang that looks good, mostly the vest (I'm looking for the flat silver faceted studs), working on the boots, glued up pieces of pine, cut out the heel, attached an old pair of shoes with 5-1 1/4" screws. Got a black long wrestling singlet (similar to "Undertaker"'s w/o the design on thighs), got a "Demon" wig.

love gun Demon costume
by: Dave Campbell

I know a guy looking to purchase a Love Gun costume, he plays in a tribute band (almost KISS).

Would you consider selling or making a costume for sale? What would you charge, and is it strong enough to survive 100's of live shows?

please contact me at:


thank you for your time

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