Every year our school has a book character parade. I teach kindergarten so I am always looking for a costume that my kids can relate to. My assistant and I try to always pick characters that the two of us can do together. Last year we decided to recreate the David character in the collection of the David Shannon books.

I started by wrapping a 24 inch beach ball in a newspaper and flour mixture. I used a portion of an egg carton for the nose and ears  and used a dark mesh for the mouth. Pipe cleaners were  pushed through the top for David’s hair and my assistant painted the rest.  I found the clothes at a thrift store.  The finished project was a hit and all the kids at the school immediately recognized this famous book character who was a “bad kid” but ended up being a good guy! As I walked by the children I could hear them chant..”.NO, David!!”  I even pretended to pick my nose like the character did in one of his books! This created a roar  among the children as well as the adults!

That’s what David was all about! We were invited to ride on the school  Christmas float around our small town. It is going to be hard to out do this costume, but we have already started on two of the “Wild Things” from the famous book, “Where the Wild Things Are”!  I love my job!!!