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Coolest KIA Soul Hamsters Costume 3

by Natalie M.
(Chicago, IL USA)

Homemade KIA Soul Hamsters Costume

Homemade KIA Soul Hamsters Costume

My friend and I decided to dress up as the KIA Soul Hamsters from the commercial. We love Halloween and make our own costumes every year but this year was by-far our favorite costumes. We bought all the matericals from boots to furs at the local thrift store and came out to about $20/costume.

We used old baseball caps, taped paper plates to the front the make the brim longer. Then we taped foam and crinkled up newspapers on top of the hat. We covered it with furs and scarfs we found at the thrift store. The eyes were made from foam and covered with garbage bag. The whiskers from plastic cups. The nose from construction paper and the ears from paper plates.

We won first place for our Homemade KIA Soul Hamsters Costume at the party we went to and played the song from the commercial when we entered the party, everyone sang along and joined in. Great time! Happy Halloween!!

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step by step
by: Anonymous

could u put step by steps please? I want to do this but not sure exactly how u did it

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Coolest Kia Hamster Costume

by Ryan W.
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Homemade Kia Hamster Costume

Homemade Kia Hamster Costume

Here is the end results of my attempt to make a Homemade Kia Hamster Costume. I made the whole thing in about 10 hours. The head is made from plastic canvas foam and fur. The eyes are clear Christmas ornaments. I also hinged the jaw so it moves when I talk and I can drink normally.

I made the stencil for the hoodie on poster board and painted it on. It was the first time I ever made pants and they turned out pretty good. They have suspenders built in and I made the baggy so I could put a pillow in the front. The pants are plenty easy to move in. I finished just in time to make it to my friends costume wedding.

Everyone loved this Homemade Kia Hamster Costume and couldnt believe how well it turned out. I work at a KIA dealer and plan to get a picture in a soul.

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by: Jake

Hey this is awesome! I am going to try to build just the head and yours looks really good! Could you go into a little more detail on how you built the head? it would be easier if you could email me at thanks -Jake

by: Anonymous

same here as jake love the head and looks great are u willing to sell the one u have or make any others or would u be able to send some info on how you made the head. my email is thanks Lee

by: Brandon

My comment is the same as above. Would you be willing to make me one that I can purchase from you? My email address is

Kia Hamster Head...
by: H_Lowe4

Well, I guess I'm looking for the same as the above... Either more details on making my own or making about 4 more and earning some extra cash...

by: Anonymous

Same as above can you email me more details on how you made looks awesome


Same as all the rest
by: Anonymous

i'd love to try my hand at making one. Could you send instructions?
Soul owner

great costume
by: Robin

Your costume looks great! I have been searching the internet to find a Kia Hamster costume to buy but cant find one! I just bought a new Kia Soul and really want to get about four hamster costumes for this Halloween. If you are sending instructions can you send me a copy please?

by: Josh

Im also curious about how you made the head... Thanks!!

by: Anonymous

Wow, you did an amazing job!!! I am going to make mine for Halloween, we are having a costume contest at my office....I am going to learn the shuffle too and play my music...
Halloween is my most favorite time of year..I have won many costume contests in the past , but this one is going to be a challenge.
Thanks for all your hints.

Looking for head plans..
by: Anonymous

same here as Jake loves the head and looks great are u willing to sell the one u have or make any others or would u be able to send some info on how you made the head. my email is thanks

by: Vicki

I was wondering if you could email me the instructions for the head. You did an awesome job.

Thank you so much. My 10 year old will be so excited.

awesome hamster
by: tara

I would appreciate a copy of the directions for the head. It is the best I've come across. I have 3 weeks left to do this!!! My kiddos will flip out if I can do it. Please please -email me at

hamster head
by: Anonymous

Please e mail directions for the head. I have a plan for one in my head , but yours is awesome!!! Thanks

by: Isa

How'd you make the head?? Please email me at thanks!!

hamster suit

Hey i like how you did your costume. I also work a KIA dealership and been trying to get them to get me a KIA hamster costume for me but i can't seem to find any good ones around. i wanna make the suit and have a couple of souls and dance along the side of the road right in front of the dealership because i think it will be funny and i like to dance. All i really need is how to make the head and some hands if you could help that would be great. Email me at thank you hope to hear from you

by: Anonymous

Please Make me a few! Name your price

Hamster costume
by: Susan

I would love to order 4 of them as well. Can you do in a variety of colors - brown, brown and white and white Please email me if you can and how much.

for sale
by: Anonymous

Would you be willing to make a few for the right price? I need 3 more.

Looking to make a Kia styled hamster costume
by: Suzanne Strehl

Such an awesome costume!! Looking to make one. The head you did is the best I have ever seen for any costume. That is the hardest part of a costume. Any information you can pass along either your own knowledge or a website that was very helpful would be greatly appreciated. About 20 years ago I was able to put together a dragon costume that ended up being over 6 foot tall with a 10 foot wing span. It started with a purchased dragon mask with many transformations in between. That you created this right off the bat is so majorly awesome! Take care and God bless!

Need one
by: Anonymous

Would like to buy one. If it was a one time deal can u e mail me on how to.

Hamster Mask
by: Anonymous

can you please add more instructions on how to build the hamster mask. Thanks!

My Grandsons Both Really Want to Be a Hamster
by: Wally

My grandsons both want to be the Kia hamsters. Can you email me any tips you have. Wallyione[at]aol[dot]com

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Coolest KIA "Party Rock" Hamsters Costume

by Shanna H.
(Alma, AR)

Homemade KIA

Homemade KIA "Party Rock" Hamsters Costume

We all LOVE the Kia hamsters commercial and decided to make them for Halloween this year! The heads are made out of paper mache and fur using painted door stops for the eyes. Cutting out the mouth and some of the eyes gave us breathing room and somewhere to see out of.

This KIA "Party Rock" Hamsters Costume took about 3 weeks and about $60 to make including the clothes found at our local thift stores! Clothing was all hip-hop clothes with some added "bling". We also made the cardboard box car in the the "this or that" commercial. This was a BIG hit at our local party.

Comments for Coolest KIA "Party Rock" Hamsters Costume

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Looking to be a Party Rock Hamster this Halloween...
by: H_Lowe4

Hey There,

Was looking to be a Party Rock Hamster for halloween and saw your costume from last year and was wondering if you wanted to sell them or make a little money making some hamster heads or post a more detailed instruction on how you made em...

Hamster Head...
by: H_Lowe4

Hey can you email in more detail how to make the Hamster head...

by: Anonymous

Send me an email to and i can better explain how i made them.

by: Shanna

I've had MANY requests to send people info on how to make this costume....hopefully i have responded to everyone... i would love to see your costumes when you are all finished with them!!

by: Anonymous

Hi I work for Kia and would live to make this. If you could send me instructions to I would really appreciate it!

by: amanda

can u send me how to make it please me and friends want to be this for halloween, my email is amanda_greeny@yahoo.complease let me know so i can start as soon as possible.

another request for directions
by: Chris

You seem to be on to something! Could you also send me a copy of the directions?

love this idea
by: Anonymous, if you can send me step by step instruction, that would be awesome!!

by: Anonymous

Hey could you send an email to with more on how you made them?? sounds really fun!

hamster head
by: Anonymous

Could you please send me step by step instructions on how to make the hamster head. Thanks you!

by: Anonymous

Do you make these? Would love to buy one

by: Anonymous

how can i buy one ?

by: Anonymous

These are the only ones we made. We make a different costume each year.

love the costume
by: Anonymous

Love your costume was wondering if you would be able to email me the instructions on how to make it my email is please and thank you

Love it
by: Anonymous

Could you send step by step instructions to please?

love the hamster head!
by: jackie

Am I too late to the party, or can I get instructions on how to make the head! It's phenomenal!!! thanks, Jackie

by: Shawn

Would appreciate it if you could send instructions to Great costume!!

Hampster head
by: Tina

This is awesome!!! Could you please send me step by step instructions

Hamster Mask
by: Victoria

Could you please send instructions? It's for tomorrow and I would love to make it. Thank you.

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