I went to a Disney themed party this year. I knew I wanted to be something different and unique so my boyfriend and I went as Kevin and Carl from Up!

Carl was easy. We found a brown tweed jacket and brown dress pants at a thrift store. He already had a white button up and black bow tie. We bought glasses from the Spirit halloween store.

Kevin was much harder. Every picture that I found online was a child’s costume or involved some form of paper mache. I decided to make the top on a corset. I bought a black one from Fredrick’s. Obviously I was going to need a lot of feathers, so I bought blue and yellow plumage from Joann’s. Since the corset had hook and eye closure on the front and tied up the back, I decided to glue over the hook and eyes (making them unusable) and rely on only the tie closure. I first started with the yellow feathers. I hot glued feathers, on feathers, on feathers to make a yellow belly on the corset. I tried to pick the feathers that were the most curved so it looked like a belly. I then started the blue feathers. I completed covered the rest of the corset in royal blue feathers.

I decided to use tulle for the tail. I bought 2 yards of each magenta, dark blue, and turquoise tulle as well as 1 yard of both orange and yellow tulle. I started with the magenta tulle (make it double layered so the color is more prominent) and sewed it onto a pair of black shorts that I had. I did the same thing (in this order) with the dark blue, turquoise, orange and yellow tulle. Make sure the yellow will be on top!! I cut each color to a different length so that each color showed. To finish it off, I bought a pair of BRIGHT yellow patent leather pumps.

It takes a lot of hot glue for the top!!

We got so many compliments on our costumes! Everyone thought it was creative and different!