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Coolest Iron Man Halloween Costume 5

by Eric
(Indianapolis, IN)

Iron Man Halloween Costume

Iron Man Halloween Costume

This Mark 3 Iron Man Halloween costume is based closely on the the movies. I spent lots of time trying to get all the details in.

It is mainly made of Poster Board, Foamies (arts & crafts thin foam sheets), a ton of Hot Glue(I think I used 140 sticks or so including the helmet and arc reactor), and Mod Podge for the body. Mod Podge was used to seal the foam to make painting easier and to strengthen the poster board and seal that as well. The entire construction of the costume took about 1 month on and off or 100 hours of labor. Most of the time was spent test fitting and cutting templates that fit me correctly.

The Arc Reactor was made by following the Instructables Arc Reactor DIY using surface mount LED's and molding plastic.

The Helmet took about 40 hours of work (including drying,sanding,bondo, and painting). It was made by first creating a mold of my head as the base using Plaster Bandages you can get from arts and crafts store (Plast'r Craft is the brand). Once this dried I built up the Iron Man Mark 3 shape by using a very thin aluminum mesh(held down by hot glue) you can get from arts and crafts stores as well near the clays. Once you think you have the shape down, lay down more plaster bandages. Then, cover the outside of the helmet with bondo in small increments, sanding in between each application to a smooth finish. After that is just painting.

Painting was done using a Gloss Colonial Red and a RustProof Metallic Gold. 3 coats for body and 6 for helmet for an extra shine.

Iron Man Costume

Iron Man Costume

Comments for Coolest Iron Man Halloween Costume 5

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nice costume
by: shawn

I like your costume, was wondering if you still had the patterns you had made for each piece of the project. Thanks for you time. Shawn
contact looks like it be a good project.

Very impressive
by: Anonymous

I wanted to tell you that I think you really knocked that one out of the park. Looking at the costume, you put your own little spin on the design, which was original, yet still extremely comparable to the movie version in terms of positioning and location.

Nice job!

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Coolest Homemade Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume 6

by Sean S.
(Los Angeles, CA)

Homemade Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume

Homemade Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume

I'm wearing the Homemade Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume. It's a different suit from the red and gold Iron Man suit you see in the movie. The reason why I chose this suit is because I'm a big guy, and this armor is more tank-like than the movie and comic book version. It fits my body better than the more sleeker Iron Man design. I love the way I look in this suit.

This costume is homemade. It is made out of cardboard, foam bored, bondo, and fiberglass. It took me about 7 months to make. A lot of time and heart went into it so I really hope you enjoy.

Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume

Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume

Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume

Iron Man Costume

Iron Man Costume

Iron Man Costume

Iron Man Costume

Comments for Coolest Homemade Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume 6

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by: Olivia

Thats the best one I've EVER seen!!! GREAT JOB!

Great job!
by: Anonymous

WOW!!! That is amazing! Well done!

by: Anonymous

i Just needed to say i am now blinded by awesomeness. Epic Win.

by: Pol

Absolutely amazing dude!!
magnificent job!

kinda cool, but...
by: Beans

... must be a fat guy.

iron man
by: Tyler

How to make the iron man suit?

iron man heavy artillery armor costume 6
by: tyler

how do you take that off? What supplies did you use?
That costume is awesome! I'm a biggest fan of Iron Man heavy artillery.

God of Epicness
by: Anonymous

Its so beautiful I almost want to cry.

by: Anonymous

Whoa! looks like GUNDAM.. They should add your armor to the iron man collection or something like that! love you work dude!

by: Anonymous

hey man i need help with making a helmet.

by: Robert

That is an amazing costume. I'm a do it yourself kind of guy so I know the time and effort it takes to do things like this; great detail and design, I applaud your craftsmanship.

The BEST IronMan costume
by: Towkir

Well,sir this is the best ironman costume i have ever see:-)How much did it cost u to make?

ITS fat on the abs but cool

wow i looks fat on the abs BUT ITS FREAKING AWESOME

by: Anonymous

that is so amazing, i definatly want to get my hands on instructions so i could make this!

Heavy Artillery
by: Anonymous

Thats incredible, good work!

by: Max Kane

Words can't really describe...simply a breath taking job. Keep up the good work, and give them Hollywood designers a lesson in model building and special fx. Sheer perfection.

by: taj

holy shit, man, good job! as an industrial design student, i sand, bondo & paint wood, metal, cardboard & foam all day...beautiful work. look into design, if you haven't already... some people can make a good living just building models and prototypes of new products for design firms.

alternate material
by: graden leathers

"Try to get kevlar or a strong metal plating to cover it and a little more tech ,nothing to violent." (im 12 years old)

graden leathers
by: revised

sorry i forgot you used metal but still add some tech

by: tony

thats hella cool post more pics

by: Anonymous

You would definitely kick the guacamole out of the MK VI. Nice job!

by: arturslv

Wow, I'm just flabbergasted. This is so badass!

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Coolest Homemade Iron Man Costume 7

by Anthony L.
(Northglen, Colorado)

Homemade Iron Man Costume

Homemade Iron Man Costume

My second Homemade Iron Man Costume which is the MKV, which is the Extremis armor from the comic book series. But this build is the movie version of the Extremis. Only a hand full of leaked photos. I decided to create the Very first MKV Extremis movie armor. taken to the children hospital and done some fund raising for homeless children and children with special need. enjoy.

Additional Info
Build material:
-High impact urethane plastic
-700+ rivet n washer used so far
-2 part resin "urethane" helmet.

Armor info
-Thigh completed v.1.0
-Shin's Completed v.1.0
-Chest plate/piece completed v.1.0
-Abdominal area "super flex, move as i move" v.1.0
-Armored shoes
-shoulder bells
-Neck guard

Comments for Coolest Homemade Iron Man Costume 7

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Hey, I think I've seen you somewhere before!
by: Anonymous

Congrats on your win here... and others. Good to see that you out and about. GOODJOB! PS. a little more description on how it was done would be fab.

by: Anonymous

I would really appreciate it if you could give me some directions on how you went about making this costume. It looks great and my son would love to be iron man this year. Help!

by: Anonymous

hey could you tel me where to find the materials plase thank you

How Much
by: Adam


Firstly WOW........Amazing Work

How much would this cost to make and would you be willing to make one to sell?



For girls
by: Anonymous

Do you have any idea how to make one for a girl?

Great Work
by: Jack

Just wondering, How can I get a hold of you ? do you sell these to the public ?

Buying a repulsor arm
by: Pranay

Hey, is it possible I could buy a repulsor arm from you? If so let me know at, I desperately need it for my Tony Stark costume.

Iron Man Costume Inquiry
by: Roy


Could you make one and sell to me, please? Contact :

Iron man, price ?
by: Marie

Do you sell this armor? Do you sell Disney mascots? If Yes, can you send me a message on Thank you.

how much
by: Anonymous

will you be willing to sell me one. If so comment and tell me.

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