As a Cub leader, I’m a massive fan of dressing up. When we had a Medieval themed night in the program, my head spun with ideas!

I decided that I would go as someone with the black plague. Educational, interactive, disgusting!

The priority was to create realistic boils. I did this using large sized bubble wrap. I then used some wax face paint to create the boil. To adhere them to my face, I used double-sided tape to connect the boils to the back of band aids, then stuck the band aids to my face. I’m allergic to most adhesives but I knew band aids would be OK.

Once I had made my boils, I started the rest of the costume.

I didn’t need to waste time on dresses or anything – I was a plague victim!

So I went to the thrift shop and grabbed an old sheet. I glued plastic rats all over it, with a massive rat to sit on my shoulder. I tore a head hole in the sheet, then grabbed a bit of rope to secure it around my waist.

I put the boils on then painted my face up. I needed to focus on making sure my eyes had dark circles and that my entire complexion was eerie.

When I turned up to Cubs, the impact was immediate. This was certainly an impressive costume. In fact, two of my Cubs didn’t come near me all night. I had a great time popping my boils during our medieval feast (hooray for bubble wrap!) and it is a costume that has been one of my best.