This costume was  much fun to make! I started off with the tentacle hat, cut out the shapes needed to re-create the idea of the hat. Cut out circles and put them on the tentacles and spray painted them for the suction effect.

The was made out of Perler beads (yellow, brown and green) attached elastic on an old sneaker box and weaved the pattern with thread. Sewed everything together and filled the tentacles with Poly-fil. I printed out Inking boys logo on an iron transfer and ironed it on a white t-shirt.

For the shorts I found an old black pair and sewed on the stripes.

The sneakers were spray painted and I hand drew the design to replicate inkling boy’s sneakers.

The tank  made of 2 clear favor cans and adhered with super glue. I put some blue paint in one can and shook it around then cut out shapes of foam and vinyl tubing. I found a colorful pack of electrical tape and made the meter on the front of the canister. At this point you could imagine I was tired, so with that being said I found an old super soaker out of last years Easter basket & painted it to match his costume.

I realized that this was a “shorts” costume so I bought beige performance fabric and made him pants out of it to still give him the “shorts” effect. I used some  the black eyeshadow in an old Sephora halloween pallets to create his eye mask and eyebrows.

No adult knew who my son was but every little gamer eyes lit up when they had seen him. Through out all the little trial and errors we went through I had a blast making this costume.