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Coolest Indian Halloween Costumes

I love creating costumes for the kids and what I do is nothing fancy or professional, I do it all by hand and it’s rough around the edges at time but the kids are always happy and their smiles make all the time and effort worth it.  This Indian Princess costume was by far my favorite Indian Halloween Costumes, this one was created a couple years back and my daughter came up with the idea, I then just had to figure out to make it happen.

  • Indian Halloween Costume
  • Indian Halloween Costume
  • Indian Halloween Costume
  • Indian Halloween Costume

I like the challenge and this one was no exception, took my a couple of days just working on it in my free time but it could have been done in one day if you had the time to devote just to that. Finding the right thing to make it out of and not break the bank took me several shopping trips. We took a simple ladies cape that i found at Goodwill, being that is was to big for a child we had to cut it down to size and I began sewing it together on the sides to make it look more like a dress.

I then added a decorative border down the front, which came from a bag of scrap material I had gotten from my mother in law at some point. Fringes I had to cut along the sides and along the bottom then added beads and used leather laces to lace up the front. Using the leather laces and a decorative “medalion” I printed on card stock off  the computer, we created a necklace.

Then, I made a head band out of the same scrap material we used to make the decorative border and added feathers. I finished it off with some simple slip on shoes also purchased at Goodwill, braids in her hair and a leather pouch to put over her shoulder that held a water canteen that she already owned.

All total we had about $10.00 in whole costume. Most things we already had from previous craft projects and we just incorporated what we had. She loved it and we got many compliments while out trick or treating. Even had someone offer to buy it from us once we were done with it. We did not sell it, it is still hanging in the closet and it remains one of our favorite Indian Halloween Costumes.

Cowboy VS Indian in One Costume

I am a Halloween fanatic it is my favorite holiday and every year I try to come up with something that no one else would think of and that I can make myself. I also like the shock factor in a costume and this one difinitly got a lot of attention! This costume took me about 15 hours to make, it was a lot of work but the reactions I got made it all worth while.

  • Cowboy vs Indian in One Costume
  • Cowboy vs Indian in One Costume
  • Cowboy vs Indian in One Costume

First I cut an old pair of jeans down the middle leaving the waste band so they wouldn’t fall off then I cut the shirt in half attaching the back in my jeans with a safety pin and then double sided tape to keep in on my body.

I bought a women’s pair of brown pants at the goodwill along with the jacket and shirt.  I used the brown pants to create a moccasin that I pulled over my boot and decorated with fur and beads. I also used the brown pants to make the neck tie and loin cloth. I cut a cowboy hat in half leaving the band attached so it wouldn’t fall of my head and then decorated the band with feathers.  I also used some of the fur to make briefs that I had on under the loin cloth. I had to sew the neck tie to the shirt and the loin cloth to the pants.

I wore this to a Halloween party and everyone said it was one of the best costume they have ever seen and that I should try to enter some contests, my wife also posted some pictures from the party and we keep getting messages about how great and creative the costume is and how we should enter it in some contests.  I definitely think this is my best costume yet! Good luck with your Inidan Halloween costumes.

Cool Homemade Native Indian Costume

Indian Halloween Costumes are one of my favorites! This is my Native Indian costume - It took me about a week to make, doing a few hours here and there.

  • Cool Homemade Native Indian Costume

The dress was a mustard XL Men’s tshirt. I started by cutting the neckline because it was really high and uncomfortable, I then cut the sleeves off because they were too big and didn’t look right. I also had an XL Men’s white T-shirt and used this for the tassels. I cut loads of 1 inch strips out and then sewn them all around the bottom of the tshirt. I then drew on a ‘V’ shape and then sewn some more 1 inch strips down that line.

I bought the head dress for £4 from a fancy dress shop. The things in my hair are just two 50p feathers that I also bought from the fancy dress shop. The belt is just longer strips of the tshirt knotted together amd the lines on face were done with felt tip. I teamed it with snow boots (It was March, there was snow on the ground), luckily they were a similar colour and fitted quite well. I hope you get inspired to make Indian Halloween costumes of your own.

Cool Homemade Pocahontas Costume

I bought a simple tan dress at the Goodwill store for this Pocahontas costume ($7). Cut of one shoulder strap, measured and sewed to fit me. 

  • Cool Homemade Pocahontas Costume
  • Cool Homemade Pocahontas Costume
  • Cool Homemade Pocahontas Costume
  • Cool Homemade Pocahontas Costume

Took an old white men’s undershirt (free) and cut into fringes for the bottom and sewed. Then I cut a belt from a brown shirt from the Thrift shop ($1) and pinned it one. Necklace is borrowed from a friend.

Last but not least is the “tattoo”, which was put on with orange/red marker. This was the first costume I’ve ever made and I had so much fun with it! I received numerous complements as well.

Guy Version of Pocahontas Costume

I wanted to change something up, do a twist of someone that I like. When I was little the movie of Pocahontas didn’t really get that famous but I wanted to bring her out as a guy version.

  • Guy Version of Pocahontas Costume
  • Guy Version of Pocahontas Costume
  • Guy Version of Pocahontas Costume
  • Guy Version of Pocahontas Costume

People will ask ‘is that Pocahontas as a guy”… and they where right. This was the feeling I wanted to get from them.

The guy version Pocahontas costume came out great and I think I pulled it off really good. When I went to the club the club owner saw me and she was like “You are gonna be the winner! You had the balls to come like this in this cold!”.

I did end up winning which was pretty cool.

Coolest Father and Daughter Pocahontas and Chief Powhatan Couple Costume

This fine lady here is actually not my daughter but my fiance. She wanted to be Pocahontas but didn’t want me to be her John Smith because his costume would be too plain and boring so we went with being her dad, Chief Powhatan, instead (haha).

  • Coolest Father and Daughter Pocahontas and Chief Powhatan Couple Costume

Chief Powhatan was pretty simple to make. The headgear was made from red felt paper and feathers bought from Hobby Lobby. The bottom was just a tan colored fabric cut into the general shape of his outfit and lined with more felt paper making the frills and belt. The fur wrapping around the shoulders were sewn onto another piece of fabric to make the cape and all that was bought from Hobby Lobby as well.

The Pocahontas dress was custom cut and sewn from fleece fabric material. Her necklace was made entirely out of felt paper. The white stone pendent was stuffed with cotton to add dimension to me. White felt paper was used to make the trimmings. Top it off with a skinny belt and paint on the arm tattoo and you have yourself a good looking Native American princess!

Our friends thought it was silly why we chose to go as the Chief and Pocahontas and not John Smith and Pocahontas but they loved it and we had a great time making the costumes!

Indian Halloween costumes are very fun to make, I recommend you to try it yourself!

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