This Dia de los Muertas (Mexican Day of the Dead) costume was a blast to make.  I already had the Mexican-looking long skirt.  I bought a cheap black corset from Walmart and hot-glued black and red roses and black feathers on to it.  Then I glued fake black and red flowers onto a plain back headband (all from Michael’s).  The veil is just a black lace top I found at Walmart, cut off the sleeves, and cut into one length and just draped over my head, placing the headband on top.

Then I used the leftover lace from the top to make a choker which I hot-glued black feathers on.  The makeup was a lot of fun too and you can get really creative.  I decided to do just half my face with a white base, and black flower-like designs.  Then I used stick on jewels (from Michael’s) in black and red to enhance around the eyes.  I used false eyelashes on both sides to increase drama, and red lipstick on just the normal side.  I have never gotten so many positive comments, and plus it was classy and covered-up!