Optical illusion “Traditional Bavarian woman sitting in a wooden toilet” costume. My toilet costume is homemade built for an carnival theme part in south Germany in January this year. The design is pretty simple: the skeleton of the costume is screwed of thin wooden poles, the sheathing is done by cardboard which is covered in “wood-look” wallpaper.

The whole costume weights only 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs). The illusion feeds were stuffed with polystyrene and covered with a pantyhose. The toilet house is in the look of old historic Bavarian outdoor restrooms. Moreover, some small extras like a “signed” backstreet boys poster, a mini-bar with some alcoholic and non beverages, a force cup and a lockable front door with heart window and switch-on light inside were installed. It stands out by his extravagance, it is easy to carry and pulls a look up. Here in Bavaria/Germany we say “schau hi, des gibts ja ned! du spinnst ja”