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Coolest Dairy Queen Blizzard Costume 19

by Susan C
(Moncton, NB Canada)

Homemade Dairy Queen Blizzard Costume

Homemade Dairy Queen Blizzard Costume

My daughter was talking about what she would dress up as for Halloween and while talking about it over supper we decided that she dress in her favorite treat food! My oldest loves Dairy Queen Blizzards and I immediately started to think about how to put her Dairy Queen Blizzard Costume together. After much searching in the internet I came up with NO ideas at all. So, I had to come up with idea totally from scratch.

I thought of using a piece of fabric for the blue cup, and then came up with the idea to use a hulahoop to form the roundness of the cup, on the top and bottom. I created a way for the 'cup' to sit on her shoulders in order for it to stay on her while she walked around. I glued white fluff on the top to make it look like the icecream and then glued pieces of brown painted cardboard to make it look like pieces of chocolate in the icecream. I bought a sheet of iron n paper and downloaded a logo from the internet, printed it on the paper then ironed it onto the front of the cup.

I think over all it looked pretty genuine and she absolutely LOVED it! She got a lot of comments on her costume as well.

Comments for Coolest Dairy Queen Blizzard Costume 19

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by: Wendy

LOVE THIS!!!! So cute!

very cool
by: Anonymous

Great idea so creative

by: Susan

Thanks for adding this costume to you site!

by: Anonymous

This is adorable! What a great idea! :-)

cute costume
by: Anonymous

this is such a cute it

by: Claire

But did she fall out when you tipped her upside down?

Cool !!
by: Christin

Awesome costume, looks like lots of time and effort went into making it !! Love it !!

by: Anonymous

love it - very cute!

by: Kate

She looks yummy! lol..

by: kim

great job susan...

by: amystuart18

love this, it is so cute! great job, I love it!

by: Anonymous

this is just fun and comfy...

by: Anonymous

Very clever costume!

very cool!
by: rosaliejb

super cute costume! very creative of you susan :) and looks so comfy as well!

by: Anonymous

Such a fun idea! LOVE IT!

Super Cute!
by: Jennifer

THis is such a cute are super creative. Must have been fun for her to have such a cool, original costume!

by: Anonymous

A very creative and must have been time consuming costume! Looks like she'll be warm too!

how clever!
by: joanne smith

this is just unique!!

by: Gloria Nunn

Amazing costume! Unique plus!!

Halloween costume contest
by: Gloria

Lovely work Susan! Unique!

by: Michelle G

Loving this costume, super neat idea!

Idea person
by: Halloweengal lol233

Great idea!!! I might even try that!!!

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Coolest Homemade Italian Ice Costume 21

by CC
(Clark, N.J.)

Homemade Italian Ice Costume

Homemade Italian Ice Costume

' Ice' is an upside down laundry basket from the dollar store, with bottom cut for head and 2 arm holes cut away. Wrapped some batting to 'fluff', then wrapped sparkle tulle round and round in 4 colors to make rainbow ice.

Bottom is a rubber toy bin with bottom cut out. It has white vinyl from Joanne's pleated and stapled into rows to make 'paper cup'. Used lots of hot glue, staples, and tape, it held up great!

This Homemade Italian Ice Costume was Warm, comfy, and very sweet.

Comments for Coolest Homemade Italian Ice Costume 21

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by: Anonymous

The costume may be great, but this kid is absolutely gorgeous!

by: Anonymous :)

the costume was brillent and now my kid wants to make it

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