My daughters both love the How To Train Your Dragon movies, so when the younger one requested a Toothless costume for Halloween we were all excited to join in!

The Toothless costume is just a black hoodie. I cut slits in the hoodie and used fabric glue to attach the ears and horns. The eyes are glued-on felt. The tail was made from a remnant of black felt from the scrap bag. I used the same technique as the hood to attach the spines. The tail is stuffed with batting and ties around the waist with a ribbon. The wings are black foam board with velcro straps.

Everything in Hiccup’s costume came from thrift stores except the fur vest! We found a green shirt that already had a leather lace-up at the neck and paired it with dark leggings and fur-topped boots. We spent a total of about 15 dollars on Hiccup. The vest is a scrap of fur from the fabric store that we just cut into shape and glued at the sides. The shield is painted plywood.

Stoick’s costume is a large piece of faux fur as a cape, a tunic made of green felt, and a piece of “chain mail” purchased at the fabric store. He wore his own shirt, pants & boots. We ordered the beard and wig on Amazon and borrowed the helmet and dagger from a friend. Total spent: about $20.

Astrid’s costume was the most complicated. We made the bird skulls from Sculpey and hot-glued brads on the back to attach them to the overskirt. For the overskirt I got a scrap of pleather material and cut it into strips. I folded the strips over at the top and hot-glued them down with enough room to thread them onto a belt. I purchased a package of brads from a craft store and used them as the “spikes” on the skirt.

The shoulder armor is made from gray craft foam with gray puff paint as the spikes. I just safety pinned them to my shirt. The skirt and shirt came from the thrift shop. I wore my own leggings and boots. I used leftover fur from Stoick’s cape and safety-pinned it to the tops of my boots. The battle-axe came from the dollar store. Total spent: about $25

We had a lot of fun making these costumes!