Last year my boyfriend finally agreed to do a couple’s costume. He went as the house from Up. The house was made from a large cardboard box, which was cut and painted with arcrylics on every side in order to resemble the movie. Hot glue and wide elastic were used to create straps to hold up the house, and balloons were tied to the top of the straps.

In addition to being the house from the movie, my boyfriend also doubled as Carl Fredricksen inside of the house. All of the clothing he is wearing was taken from his own closet, with the exception of his glasses – which were 3D glasses with the lenses taken out. Similar Carl-esque clothing could easily be located at a local Goodwill.

My Russell costume’s sash was made with felt, bottle caps (since we were going to a college party – beer bottle caps) and hot glue. The rest of my outfit (shorts, polo, backpack, bandana, hat) was found in bits and pieces on bay and Amazon, but could be located in local thrift stores as well. Although you can’t see in the picture, my backpack was loaded up with fun-size chocolate bars to hand out to party-goers … or just in case we saw Kevin.

Doug was on loan from my little sister, and his collar was made with tape and paper.

If you want reactions from everybody you see and are on a budget, the house from Up is a really inexpensive way to accomplish this. My boyfriend was receiving compliments all night and getting his picture taken at every available opportunity.