I can only write up about wolverine, storm and myself as mystique. wolverine, the challenge was his claws. He welded and shaped them and then smoothed them down with sandpaper. for the most part they stayed in his grip, though drinking was interesting.

Storm bought a leather jacket and used a white pen to draw on the design. She unpack combed her hair and used about 4 bottles of Ben NyE white spray to get it white. Last were custom white contacts she ordered online.

Myself Mystique. I started by buying a blue body suit online. The week prior to Halloween I that on the leotard and had storm use shiny blue puffy fabric paint on the leotard. It did stain my skin but eventually came off. I also used a square foashelter and cut out the shapes for my face with an exacto knife. I glued them to my face with spirit gum. I used blue Ben NYSE makeup over the top of that and when it dried I put the shiny puffy paint on top of the foam that was already on my face. For my hair I slicked it back with super firm hair gel and let it dry. Since I don’t have a widows peak I cut out hair from a wig I had and glued it to myself in a peak using ths pirit it gum. Last I sprayed all my hair with the redben Nye hair coloring. And lastly put in my yellow contacts.