Me and my mates went on holiday this year for ten day and we wanted as many costumes as possible and we ended up with eight and we saved the best till last… WWF wrestlers. The Undertaker(me) Rowdy Roddy Piper, British Bulldog and Bret the Hitman Heart.

i wanted to be someone who I’ve never seen been done before so i became the smallest undertaker ever 5,7 lol. i took a black shirt and cut the arms to a ragged effect and cut a gray t-shirt for a cravat and for the bottoms of my trousers. i used black sweat bands for elbow pads. i bought a OK hat and wig of ebay until i saw the perfect replacement while shopping in a fancy dress shop and the same wig was used for Bret Heart.

Hotrod wasn’t so hard to do apart from finding the wig. We used a white t-shirt with hot rod printed on it some white wrist bands the kilt and black boots.

The Bulldog was made from thing of ebay. white spandex pants with a union jack thong, a plated wig with beads on which was a great find and the union jack flag around him and union jack sweat bands headband and wellings which you cant see sorry.

Bret Heat took the most effort. a black t-shirt which was cut to a low cut vest with the front symbol cut from the correct coloured fabric and sewed on, pink spandex pants with black love hearts down the leg, with black knee pads and cut offs from the pants were used for elbow pads.. the wig was the same used as the undertaker…

we couldn’t believe the attention we got this night so were planing on doing it again sometime next year, I’m going to be the ultimate warrior which I’ve started now and its going to be ten times better than the one on here already.