We came up with this homemade Space Jam family costume idea because our three year old son, Jayden LOVES Space Jam & loves basketball! We think we resembled each character! ;) & it’s hard to find interracial character costumes hehe!

Creating the homemade Space Jam Family Costumes

We started with solid white shirts & shorts: we found the logo online and printed it using printable iron-on fabric for the tune Squad logo, drew & cut out felt for the numbers & names, traced them with red puff paint, used red white blue ribbon, hot glue, & hot-glued the ribbon to trim the jerseys!

We also bought some accessories (bunny ears and tails, sports socks, gloves, and hair color to spray our ears gray)! We made a “michael’s secret stuff” water bottle for the daddy drink!

All of our family & friends loved our costumes & we got A LOT of likes on Facebook.  Our neighborhood friends loved it!! We had a neighborhood fall festival and paraded around in our homemade Space Jam family costumes with our amazing neighbors! We had a great time & who doesn’t love Space Jam!?!?