Hi. For the first time me and my boyfriend made our own Halloween costume. I was a “snowflake” and my boyfriend was “Russell” from the movie UP.

My snowflake costume started out as a $20 minidress and $3.00 Knee-high socks from TJ Max. I went to Michael’s and bought Christmas tree decoration that is shaped in snowflakes with sparkles. ($1.50 package of 10) I sewed it all on my dress, 7 on front 3 on the bottom back. I also purchased long fluffy Christmas decoration for my hair decoration(wrapped it couple times around my head like a hair band, $1.50). I also bought a paper punched sparkled snowflake on ebay for $3.00 and glued it next to my eyes, shoulder, and on my socks. I have cut out a snowflake with a piece of paper and cut them in half to put it on top of my eyebrow. I put glitters on it to make it sparkle. wore white shoes and white underskirt. And to finish it all off I used bunch of sparkles on my make up and used sparkle spray all over my body and hair.

The Russell costume came together from my friend lending us her husbands’s boyscout shirt, sash, scarf and the scarf pin. I went over to the boyscout shop and bought a sticker pins for the sash. I cut out the colored paper for the Wilderness Explorer Logo and put them on his yellow hat and on the front right pocket of the shirts. The hat is my old baseball hat. wore his own pants with his own backpack. We bought a balloon at Ray’s and made the orange paper flag to stick them on the backpack. (even though u cannot see the flag from the picture)

Didn’t took too long to put all the things together. :D And we both enjoyed our costumes very much with lots of compliments! Happy Halloween!