This is a Lord of the Rings Sauron costume I made for my son.  When he told me he wanted to be Sauron for Halloween, I wasn’t really sure how to pull this off.  I started with the “easy” parts.

I purchased a costume grade set of shoulder pads and attached layered/shredded black fabric.

The hands started out as zombie hands from a local Halloween store.  I added the armor pieces made out of a material called Wonderflex.  It’s basically a heat and shape plastic product that cools very hard.  The final touch was a replica of the One Ring.

All of the armor pieces were made of Craft foam and Wonderflex.  Each piece was individually cut and molded into shape.  All pieces were painted a dark grey and finished with a dry brush of black.

The helmet was the hardest part.  It was pieced together with Wonderflex.  In order to get the really sharp edges needed, I covered the edges in paper clay and sanded them down.  This was also painted grey/black.

Scroll detail:
All of the scroll details on the armor and helmet was done with a hot glue gun.  Time consuming, but pretty easy.

The mace was a piece of PVC pipe with wood accents and plastic blades on the end.

The final outcome was really better than I expected and my son was thrilled.  It was difficult to get in and out of, but not too uncomfortable to wear.  Vision from the helmet was a little bit obstructed.  That’s the condensed version of the costume build.   I hope you all like it.