I saw a Tetris costume online which started me thinking about cube type costumes. Thus my Rubik’s Cube costume was born. This was a huge hit at work as coworkers tried to ‘solve’ me.

To create this costume, you’ll need two large square cardboard boxes, a few different colors of construction paper, black duct tape and a glue stick. Head to an office supply store if you don’t already have these items at home.

To create the three moving rows of cubes, cut the two boxes in half to make four ‘half boxes.’ To be in the middle of the cube, cut a hole through the bottoms of the boxes so you’ll be able to fit through, but make sure it’s still snug enough to not drop past your waist while wearing the costume. Getting the hole right is a little tricky, but you’ll only need 3 of your 4 box halves so practice on the 4th. Use one hole as a guide for the other 3 boxes. Lightly glue the construction paper on the boxes and tape around the construction paper to create the look of ‘cubes.’ You can make your costume ‘solveable’ by organizing the colors to line up all on one side when the rows are rotated.

As for what to wear under your cube, I just went simple and wore a black tank top and leggings.