We made this raving rabbid costume couple of years ago for Halloween.

We used a big salad bowl as a mold for the paper-maché head, 2 small glass pots + 2 small decoration balls (= 2 mad eyes), about 3 meters of white fleece, pink material paint and a bit of cardboard (for the ears and teeth… and the bottom of the feet).. and we recycled some plastic stripes used for big packages in the local DIY store to make sure our raving rabbid wouldn’t have a flat belly.

We were lucky to find a black plastic “breaded” table mat in a discount store to do the mouth and be able to see without being seen, once the costume would be worn. This costume was a lot of work: no sewing machine (again!) and many long evenings working on it trying to figure out the many details…

But it was all very much worth it at the end: my daughter was so happy with it that she wore it for 2 Halloweens and for last year carnival. She even signed autographs!

This costume is one of our favorites, hope you will like it too.