I work in an office and every year for Halloween we open our doors to children for a few hours at the end of the day for trick or treating.  I like to make homemade costumes because it allows me to try to make them as realistic as possible. This year was by far the best. The kids were terrified but at the same time they couldn’t seem to want to walk away. They eventually warmed up to me and then the fun began with a lot of waiving, pointing and even a few kisses. I got offers of people asking if they could rent the costume for birthday parties.  The costume is made from the interlocking foam mats and spray insulation. The teeth were also made from scraps of the same mat material that were belt sanded to the shape needed. The hair is made from halloween web decorations. The goggles are also made from foam and a piece of plexiglass for the lens. It is extremely lightweight and durable.