Kim Kardashian inspired me to make this Poison Ivy costume. Last year for Halloween she dressed up as Poison Ivy. I thought the costume was awesome so I decided to make it myself! I first started by ordering a bright red, long, curly wig. I ordered it off of a site called Bonanza, similar to eBay. It shipped from China so it took about 3 weeks to get to my house, but was well worth the wait. It wasn’t too expensive either only about $20.

I then went to the mall to try to find a Kelly green corset and skirt to match. I didn’t have much luck with that process so I searched online and found a strapless green tight fitting Kelly green dress from Hot Miami The dress was $45, which was more than I wanted to spend, but I knew it would be perfect. After the dress arrived I went to Michael’s and purchased ivy leaves and green glitter glue. I painted each leaf with the glitter glue to make it sparkle. Although it took a lot of time to paint the leaves, it really made them pop!  To set the glitter glue, I spray painted all of the leaves with a clear gloss. After the leaves were prepped, I placed them in a pattern on the dress and proceeded to hot glue them down.

Last Halloween I was a parrot and had red shoes, instead of buying green heels for the Poison Ivy costume, I purchased green spray paint and spray painted them green. It was a good way to save some money and you couldn’t even tell I spray-painted them. I then hot glued some ivy leaves on them to decorate them. Last but not least! The eyepieces! I printed out a life size picture of Kim’s face with the eyepieces on and traced the shape of the pieces. I traced the shape on to the green foam that I already had and cut them out. Then I painted them with a green paint and used the green glitter glue to outline them and add detail. I attached them to my face with spirit gum glue, which I purchased at party city for about $4.

I added a little leaf in my hair for extra detail. I also wore fake lashes and painted my toenails red, which really tied the look together. At the last minute I decided I wanted a bracelet accessory. I took an old bangle I had and painted it green and put green glitter glue on it. I then attached little ivy leaves all over it with hot glue. Altogether the costume cost about $100, for the wig, the ivy leaves, the dress, the glitter glue, and spray paint.  I got a lot of compliments on it! However a lot of people thought I was Ariel, lol!