Let’s be honest, I took a lot of tips from this website so thanks other peacocks!  For the tail I hot glued about 60 peacock feathers (which I bought 5 for $2 at a store in Chinatown) to a fan (also Chinatown).  Then I sewed the fan to the belt.  I chose to sew instead of glue so as not to ruin the belt and let’s face it that tail needed to stay on all night and be easily removable for bathroom breaks.  The trick is TONS of glue to keep the feathers on the fan, there’s nothing worse than losing half your tail in the middle of the party. So I used a whole pack of glue sticks for my mini glue gun, and I’m happy to say that I didn’t lose even one feather.

The headpiece is a hairband that I covered in sparkly blue paper (which you can’t really see) and I wrapped wires around it to create the peacock “mohawk” and glued small ends of feathers from the same boa I am wearing around my neck to the top of the wire. Painful on the fingers. To me the headpiece was very important and different than other peacock costumes because this is what actual peacocks have on their heads.

The makeup is just normal eyeliner and eye shadow plus amazing eyelashes from shoppers. My hair was done up by a friend and super hair sprayed in place. I bought the dress earlier in the year with this costume in mind and will still get plenty more wear out of it.