Since my husband is tall and slender, and I am short and chunky, we thought Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa would be perfect costumes! With the help of my mom, we managed to pull it off!

For Willy Wonka, we made a vest from scratch, and used the extra fabric to embellish a jacket we found for $10 at the thrift store. Finding a hat was not easy, so we ended up buying a Mad Hatter hat, altering it, and covering it to match the jacket and vest. For the Oompa Loompa, we used a pants pattern and when we cut it out, we made sure to cut the material so we would have the funny knees. Then used the same material to make suspenders. I used the sleeves from a white shirt and some brown electrical tape to make the socks, and with the extra material from the pants, and some brown fabric, i made the striped neck, and cuffs.

I bought and covered a couple styrofoam balls and drew a brown swirl on them for the shoe pom poms. Since my hair is long, I used toilet paper rolls, and rolled my hair up around them to make the curl for my hair. Lastly, I used orange makeup on my face, white make up (applied heavily) fir my eyebrows, and some…I mean, A LOT of green hairspray!

Our costumes were a hit! The costumes were super comfortable, very fun, and we ended up winning 1st place in 3 contests!