He’s off to see the wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz! While following the yellow brick road, he passes by an evil wicked witch, a beautiful good witch, a cowardly lion, a scarecrow without a brain, a heartless tin man, and a girl with glittery shoes. And then it happens, another twister! They all get whipped around in the funnel! As he wakes up from the chaotic ordeal, he realizes that something is different. He finds a mirror, and what he sees makes him frozen from shock!

Love of this classic movie masterpiece inspired this hilarious representation. Every year, group costume contests are immersed with Wizard of Oz characters. But he’s not a group, he’s only one person. So which character should he be?ALL OF THEM! How could that possibly be?

Hot gluing straw to pants and a shirt created the scarecrow. The lion needed facepaint and a mane (made of an elastic hairband and a furry boa). This time the tin man wasn’t made of tin, instead, he was two poster boards (painted, wrapped around and glued together, then hung with string). Dorothy is iconic for her braids and ruby slippers. Dollar tree fake hair that is braided and tied with bows created her hair. Finding shiny red shoes that fit a male became a difficult endeavor. Instead, we made them, literally taking “slippers” and smothering them with glitter glue and red sequins.

And who could forget the witches. So we added Glenda’s magic wand and the Wicked Witch of the West‘s infamous black hat. But it was missing the main component, and wouldn’t be successful without it, the right person to wear it. A man that’s tall with a thin frame, Perfect!

Passing by people and seeing their reactions was the highlight of the night. The faces started with a confused puzzled look of “what is that?” Then as people pieced it together you could see the light bulbs come on as perplexed looks turned to smiles. And then the laughter started, followed by “OMG! It’s the Wizard of Oz!”