I loved The Magic School Bus as a kid!  This year I was racking my brain for a costume, and I decided I would be Ms. Frizzle for Halloween.  I couldn’t find any material for my dress that was just right, so I decided to sew a simple blue, button up, collared dress and add a bunch of space-themed appliques (cut from a yard of spaceship fleece I found).

I saved a couple shooting stars and attached them to my shoes.  Ms. Frizzle was always sure to accessorize.   I was able to find a stuffed lizard at the Dollar Tree, added some horns (made out of felt) and attached Liz to my shoulder.  I searched high and low for anything related to a school bus, and was finally able to find a small toy one at a local store for teacher.  I added some bright orange hairspray to my bun, made sure to wear some star earrings, and voila!

Everyone that I ran into, loved the costume, so I hope everyone here enjoys it too.