My boy is a fan of Minecraft. He told me that he would like to be Minecraft Iron Golem for this Halloween.

The costume was made from carton boxes such as a cereal box, 10 ram paper-boxes and color printed papers. The head was a big 2-in-1 cereal box from Sam’s club. The chest was made of the 10 ram paper box from our office. The arms were from four 12-pack soft drinks. Other parts were cut out of the 10 ram paper boxes.

The final outside look was finished after cutting and gluing Iron Golem printed paper. The total cost of this costume is very minimal because everything I needed to make the costume were things we already had at the house.

The best thing about this costume are the legs that are flexible so my boy was able to walk comfortably while it still looks like Iron Golem.

Thanks to the people who submitted other Iron Golem costumes and templates on the internet which gave me an idea how to make this costume.