It was a Jolly Holiday With Mary!

My wife and I knew this year would be the Halloween of Frozen. That being said, we were thoroughly disappointed when our 3 year old daughter Shaylee told us in August that she wanted to be Anna or Elsa for Halloween.

We asked Shaylee if there was anything else at all she would like to be. But she said no. She wanted to be Anna or Elsa. We were resigned to it. She already had an Elsa dress for dress up.

One day we sat her down to watch Mary Poppins. And just like that she was hooked. Unbelievably, undeniably enthralled by the Practically Perfect Nanny.

We had a new costume idea. My wife got to work right away. She found the perfect dress, all white at a thrift shop and got to work with lace and ribbon and fabric. She made little red bows for the dress. A swatch of red fabric for the torso. The hat was decked out with lace and tulle. And we found the perfect little parasol at a fabric shop in town. It came together perfectly. It was amazing.

We took her to Disneyland one day dressed as little Mary Poppins. She loved it. She was a celebrity. When you go to Disneyland you see little girls dressed up as princesses all the time. Cinderella. Bell. Ariel. And more recently Elsa and Anna. But you don’t see a tiny three foot tall Mary Poppins complete with parasol.

She had passers by stopping to do double takes and take pictures. She even had a couple tourists ask to take pictures with her.

But the highlight was meeting her idol Mary Poppins in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. She got to speak with her and walk with her and also dance with her. She even sang with her.

It was a VERY jolly holiday. It was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.