Shopping in my local mall looking for ideas, I stumbled across the scarf of the perfect color (and sparkle!) for my favorite little girl’s Halloween costume. Ariel is her favorite character of all time and it just made her life to wear this Little Mermaid costume!

All it takes is two large square scarves, fabric covered wire, accent fabric (I got shimmery purple/green at Fabric Land for $4!), hot glue gun/glue, a plain white shirt and Velcro.  I took the plain white shirt and outlined a “shell bra” shape, and glued on layers of the accent fabric. For the skirt I used one full scarf and the other I cut out shimmery panels to layer, and glued on each layer. For the bottom part of the tail I shaped the wire and covered it with the scarf fabric,  then cut all the tassels off the scarf and created scales with hot glue. Viola!